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Arkify 3D Scanning Portland

Arkify offers 3D scanning services to bring your real-world projects into the digital space. Merging industry experience with hobbyist passion, our small team is dedicated to making each experience tailored to you to help realize your challenging and ambitious projects. From artists to designers and curators, we're here to provide high-quality digitizations and 3D scans. Check out some of our recent work on our Instagram feed below!

What are some common uses for 3D scans?

Apparel and E-Commerce

Create 1 to 1 meshes of your apparel items for e-commerce, inventory, or team collaborations.

Cultural Heritage

Share your gallery with the world with life-like digital copies. Whether for AR, VR, or a 3D print to hold in your hand. Creating digital archives ensures these items will live on forever.

For your latest art piece, video game assets, NFTs, or simply to make more space in your warehouse! The world is becoming digital and we're here to help you adjust.

Other Uses

3D Services

3D Scanning

Using structure light scanners and photogrammetry, we can create extremely high-quality copies in both shape and color to save as a mesh for rendering or modeling.

Mesh Editing + File Prep

Organize and edit your existing meshes so they work better for you, your team, and your customers. 

Digital Product Integration

Turn your physical inventory digital with large-scale product scanning. We'll work with you to organize the data to work best for your project's needs.

Arkify Project Timeline


We'll start with an online meeting or phone call to discuss how we can best help you accomplish your project’s goals.

Based on your location and project size, we'll find the best way to gather your items to scan. Either through mailing to our studio or meeting on-site.
Gather & Scan
Post Process

We’ll process the data and organize the project files to your liking.


You’ll be provided with a simple download to access your completed files.


Our Promise

If at any time you’re not satisfied with the deliverable, we’ll rescan and reprocess the data free of charge. We want to ensure you’re walking away from this experience with exactly what you need!


Arkify offers some of the lowest 3D scanning prices on the market! While each project's unique targets affect the overall cost, we've outlined a general pricing guideline below. The prices below are for a basic, colorless scan. Please reach out to us with your project's details for a custom quote!   

Small Objects

Currently, Arkify is only able to scan small objects between 1" and 3' long.

Items 1" to 6"

  • 1 to 5 Items: $40 — $60 per scan

  • 5 to 1o Items: $35 — $55 per scan

  • 10+ Items: $30 — $50 per scan

Items 6" to 1'

  • 1 to 5 Items: $60 — $80 per scan

  • 5 to 1o Items: $55 — $75 per scan

  • 10+ Items: $50 — $70 per scan

Items 1' to 3'

  • 1 to 5 Items: $100 — $150 per scan

  • 5 to 1o Items: $75 — $95 per scan

  • 10+ Items: $70 — $90 per scan

Please note that additional services such as texturing scans and taking photos of your items will increase the total cost per item. 


Working with a museum or university? We offer discounts! Send us an email with your project's details to see if you qualify. 



Feel free to reach out if your question isn't answered below!

What file types can I receive?

Our most common exports are STL and OBJ, but we can send you any of the following file types:


What is a typical turnaround time?

On average it can take 1-3 days upon receiving the object to create the finished meshes. Every project is unique however and larger objects can take longer to process. To help us estimate a turn around time we suggest sending a photo of what you'd like scanned.

Can you scan shiny or clear objects?

Most structured light scanners have trouble with these, but we have special sprays we can use to make them scannable. 

Can you scan body parts?

Yes, we can scan most body parts! At this time, Arkify is not able to scan an entire body at once, and can only scan in parts (e.g. hands, feet, faces). 

Do I have to live in Portland to receive 3D scanning services?

Not at all! While we are based in Portland, our team is able to receive and send shipped items from anywhere in the US.

Can you scan at our location?

We operate in the Pacific Northwest (based in Portland Oregon) and are able to travel for larger jobs. 


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